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NOTE:  Normally we recommend taking your time with considering how you would use online tools to support your teaching and your students, but under the extreme circumstances we are facing, we recognize the challenge around taking time to consider the right tools for the task and for your students.

Because the tools that we support (D2L, Kaltura, Collaborate Ultra) are web-based tools, adequate bandwidth and basic access to the technology needed by students to access these tools may be challenging for them, especially if the college closes completely.

Before you create your plans for alternate delivery to complete the term, consider that many of your students may only have access to a mobile device and not a laptop or desktop computer or may be sharing one device with others in their household and/or may not have reliable access to the internet. 

In addition, make sure to connect with an instructional designer in eLearning to discuss what the best technology options may be for you and your students.

We therefore recommend you confidentially poll your students (e.g. by email) to find out what access to devices and internet they may have in the event of a complete college shut down.  This will help us help you make choices that will support all of your students.

Here is where you can find all of our amazing eLearning tutorials for our many, many tools we support.  All are CC licenced, so feel free to take and adapt for your own use.

If you are thinking of adding materials to an online course (in D2L or otherwise), make sure to review the Copyright guide for Camosun College page, and contact our Copyright Advisor if you have questions.