Universal Design for Learning Projects at Camosun

The UDL Project | “Inclusion is not a checklist

This iterative and ongoing project in eLearning (CETL) at Camosun began in 2017. The primary goal behind this project is to identify common and preventable accessibility-related challenges that students encounter at the college and to develop practical resources that support our work in creating more accessible and inclusive learning environments “from Day 1”. The outcomes of this project are grounded in WCAG 2.1 Accessibility standards, Universal Design for Learning guidelines – and the principles of Universal Design.


The Universal Design for Learning & the Clinical Learning Experience site is another ongoing project at Camosun, created in 2015 and managed by faculty in the School of Nursing.

Clinical learning environments (CLE) provide students with invaluable opportunities for applied learning and real-world practice in a guided learning environment, but the flip-side to a CLE is that these very same benefits pose additional challenges to both instructors and students