Wondering how to make your course materials accessible (making them available in multiple formats (including PRINT and DIGITAL options)) for your students?  We have some help for you!

First, visit the BCcampus Accessibility Toolkit to find out more about making your online materials accessible to all students.  Also check the post UDL and Moving Online from Seanna Takacs at KPU for some advice on how to “pause for a moment and think carefully of what it means to “move school online [where some of t]he biggest changes are around communication, content, and assessment. ”

For Camosun Faculty, visit CETL’s Academic Accommodations Guide on our COVID-19 Faculty Supports and Resources site.

And for Camosun students, visit the Centre for Accessible Learning site.

Then, visit the Let’s Talk about Accessible Print Materials site, and check out the tutorials listed here.

Accessibility Checkpoints for WORD DOCUMENTS in Online Courses

Accessibility Checkpoints for AUDIO Materials in Online Courses

Accessibility Checkpoints for IMAGES in Online Courses

Accessibility Checkpoints for VIDEO Materials in Online Courses

Captioning for Teaching & Learning Video Resources

Accessibility tools in D2L

FOR STUDENTS: ReadSpeaker in Content

FOR STUDENTS: Introduction to ALLY in D2L

Giving Students Access to TextAid Web Reader during a D2L Exam

Accommodations for D2L Exams that Require Respondus Lockdown Browser