The Survey tool in D2L can be used for collecting information and feedback (for example, mid-term or final course feedback) from students.  They can be set up as anonymous, and students can be allowed to see the feedback reports if you like.  The Survey tool accesses the same Question Library as the Quizzes tool, and we recommend you set up your questions in the Question Library first, before creating your Survey.  Surveys can NOT be connected to the Grades, so if you are looking to give students bonus marks for completing a survey, you will either need to use the Quizzes tool or add the bonus grade directly into the Grades area (note that if your survey is anonymous, you will not be able to tell which students completed it).

The Survey tool is NOT set up in the My Tools menu by default (you can access it through Edit Course), but you can add it there when you are ready for students to complete your survey.  See the tutorials Customizing your Navigation Bar and Customizing your My Tools Menu on the Course Admin page for more information.

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