The Quizzes tool in D2L can be used for formal or informal assessments and self-assessments.  You can create several question types, most of which can be graded automatically for you, and quizzes can be connected to the Grades tool so that once the quiz is graded, that grade is sent directly to a grade item.  Questions can also be shuffled or randomized (using a Question Pool).  In addition, quizzes can be timed (although we recommend not setting a time limit to support students learning online in a time of crisis) and can integrate various media types (video, audio, images). Here is some information on using the Quizzes tool in D2L. Tutorials for students related to the Quizzes tool specifically are at the bottom of this page (and also on the D2L for Students page).

For Instructors

The Question Library

Creating Questions in the Question Library

Creating Short Answer Questions

Creating Multiple Choice Questions

Creating True False Questions

Creating Written Response Questions

Creating Multi-Select Questions

Creating Multi Short Answer Questions (and how they differ from Short Answer Questions)

Creating Fill-in-the-Blank Questions

Creating Matching Questions

Creating Ordering Questions

Creating Arithmetic Questions

Creating Significant Figures Questions

Creating Likert Questions (NOTE: Likert Questions can only be used in Surveys!)

Importing Questions from a Quiz into the Question Library

Importing Questions from Publisher Question Banks

Importing Questions from a Document using Respondus 4.0 (opens a link to the Respondus site)

Creating Quizzes

Creating a Quiz: The Basics

Creating Pages of Questions for a Quiz

Setting up Special Access for Accommodations

Setting a Student’s Quiz Accommodations from the Classlist

Controlling What a Student can See, When (general)

Creating an Additional Submission View for a Quiz

Creating an Additional Submission View for a Specific Quiz Attempt

Resetting Dates for an Additional Submission View (i.e., after copying it from an old course)

Using Respondus Lockdown Browser:  Note that we recommend NOT using this tool if at all possible.  Rather, consider reviewing your assessments with an instructional designer.

Accommodations for D2L Exams that Require Respondus Lockdown Browser

Creating a Question Pool in a Quiz

Importing Questions from the Question Library into a Quiz Section

Adding Text or Images to Appear above a Set of Questions

Adding Bonus Questions to a Quiz

Creating Quiz Reports

Managing Quizzes

Shuffling Questions in a Quiz

Previewing Quizzes

Viewing (“Grading”) Quiz Preview Attempts

Printing Quizzes

Bulk Edit in Quizzes

The More Actions Menu

The Quiz Action Menu

Grading Quizzes

Releasing Quiz Marks to Attempts

Sending Quizzes Grades to the Gradebook after the Quiz has Started

Grading or Re-grading a Quiz (includes a section on Grading by Question and Blind Marking!)

Exporting Written Response Question Answers for Reviewing Offline

Viewing Students Who Have Not Attempted a Quiz

Resetting Quiz Attempts

Reopening Quizzes or Submitting Quizzes for Students

Exempting Students from Quizzes

Rescoring a Quiz Question that was Incorrect

Viewing Quiz Statistics ( to view Class Averages, Question Statistics, and Question Details)

Viewing Attempt Logs (to see when students started a quiz, submitted a quiz, etc.)

How the Feedback Options work in Quizzes (and Questions)

For Students

Completing and Submitting a Quiz

How Saving and Submitting Works

Viewing Quiz Attempts

Reviewing Quiz Feedback

Adding an Attachment to a Written Response Question

Checking Quiz Submissions