The Assignments tool in D2L is a place students can submit their assignment documents (pretty much any format), or embed video and audio, and instructors can view, download, grade, and give feedback on those assignments.  In addition, assignments can be connected directly to the Grades tool in D2L.  Here is some information on using the Assignments tool in D2L. Tutorials for students related to the Assignments tool specifically are at the bottom of this page, and also on the D2L for Students page.

For Instructors/Course Creators

Creating Assignments

Creating an Assignment in D2L – Basics

Submission Options in Assignments

Group Assignments versus “Grouped/Cohort” Assignments (using Conditional Release)

Using Conditional Release to Release an Individual Assignment to a Specific Group of Students

Creating Categories in Assignments, and When To Use Them

Setting up Special Access in an Assignment

Setting Assignment to Anonymous Marking

Managing Assignments

The More Actions Menu – the More Actions menu allows you to Preview the Assignment tool (student view), Reorder folders, Restore deleted folders (Event Log), Hide and Unhide folders, and Delete folders.

Bulk Edit in Assignments

The Assignment Action Menu (the down arrow next to an Assignment title)

Grading Assignments

Grading Assignment Submissions – Basics (New Experience)

Using the Annotation Tool in Assignments (New Experience)

Using Rubrics to Grade Assignments (and what students see) (New Experience)

Adding Audio Feedback using Record Audio (New Experience)

Downloading Assignment Submissions

Bulk Uploading Feedback Files

Publishing Feedback for All Students

Exempting Students from Assignments

Restoring Deleted Submissions

Viewing All Students (whether or not they have submitted) in the Submissions Area

Viewing Different Groups of Students, and Why That’s Useful

For Students

Submitting to the Assignments Tool

Viewing Assignment Feedback

Characters to Avoid in Document Filenames