Kaltura for Faculty

Review the Top ten things to know about Kaltura at Camosun and our Kaltura Terms of Use before reviewing the tutorials.  Go to the Kaltura for Students page to find tutorials for students.

Kaltura Basics

Setting up My Media (Kaltura) in D2L

Uploading Media to Kaltura My Media

Kaltura Tagging: Advice and Best Practices

Adding YouTube videos to Kaltura (Workaround version for Chrome issue)

Quickly Sharing your Videos with your Students using Course Media

Searching/filtering Videos in Kaltura

Editing Kaltura Video Information and Functions

Making a Copy of a Kaltura Video

Setting Kaltura Videos to Allow Downloads

Creating Chapters and Slides to a Video (or Audio File) in Kaltura

Editing a Kaltura Video

Adding a Kaltura Video to a Content page (through the HTML Editor) in D2L

Copying Kaltura Videos to another D2L Course

Sharing Kaltura Videos: Adding Kaltura Media to your D2L course from Course Media Galleries

Sharing Kaltura Videos outside of D2L

Course Media Gallery

Using the Course Media Gallery

Creating Playlists in the Course Media Gallery

Using Playlists in D2L

Approving Student Videos Published to the Course Media Gallery

Enabling or Disabling Comments in the Course Media Gallery

Creating videos in Kaltura

Introduction to Kaltura Capture

Creating Webcam Recordings in Kaltura Capture

Creating Screencasts in Kaltura Capture

Creating Audio Recordings in Kaltura Capture

Creating PowerPoint Presentations with Voiceover in Kaltura Capture

Using Express Capture to Create Simple Videos in D2L

Closed Captions in Kaltura

Editing Closed Captions in Kaltura

Requesting Closed Captions in Kaltura (for example if your Closed Captions are not accurate anymore due to editing a video)

Replacing Closed Caption Files in Kaltura (for example, if you have captions created by an outside service and want to add those)

Captioning for Teaching & Learning Video Resources (The Why’s, the How’s, the Where to get Help!)

Video Quizzes in Kaltura

Creating a Video Quiz in Kaltura

Adding a Video Quiz to Content in D2L (using the HTML editor)

Connecting a Video Quiz to a Grade Item in D2L

Copying a Video Quiz in Kaltura

Editing a Video Quiz in Kaltura

Analytics in Kaltura

Checking Media Analytics in Kaltura

Video Quiz Analytics in Kaltura