Kaltura for Students

Kaltura is the streaming media tool integrated into D2L and supported by eLearning at Camosun. Kaltura gives faculty and students a place to upload, create, and edit their course-related videos, audio files, and images.   As students, you can upload your videos to My Media and publish them to the Course Media gallery, if your instructor has enabled these features.  If you do NOT see My Media on your course navbar, contact your instructor!

Note:  If you are going to be using Kaltura Capture to create videos for assessment/presentations, review the Best Practices using Kaltura Capture before beginning your recording!

Here are some tutorials to get you started.

Uploading Media (Video or Audio Files) to My Media (Kaltura)

Setting Kaltura Videos to Allow Downloads

Deleting Kaltura Videos from My Media

Adding a Kaltura Video to an Assignment

Adding a Kaltura Video to a Discussion Post

Introduction to Kaltura Capture (to create videos or audio files)

Things to Keep in Mind when using Kaltura Capture

Creating Audio Recordings in Kaltura Capture

Webcam Recording Kaltura Capture

Creating PowerPoint Presentations with Voiceover in Kaltura Capture

Creating Screencasts in Kaltura Capture

Tagging Videos in Kaltura: Advice and Best Practices

Uploading to My Media using an Apple Mobile Device (like an iPhone)

Publishing Video to the Course Media Gallery