Course Admin

On this page, you will find tutorials for how to set up various homepage functions, etc. for your D2L course site.  Tutorials for students related to overall course functions are at the bottom of this page (and also on the D2L for Students page).

If you are interested in merging two or more D2L course sites into one (for example, if you are teaching multiple sections of the same course but only want to manage one D2L site for them), see the Merging Course Sections in D2L considerations document.

Copying and Importing

Copying Course Components from One Course to Another (NOTE:  This will NOT copy Collaborate sessions – you will need to set those up separately in the relevant courses)

Deleting Everything in a Course

Backing up (Saving) a Complete D2l Course Site

Importing a D2L Course from a Zip File

Creating and Customizing

Customizing Your Navigation Bar

Customizing your My Tools Menu

Customizing Your Homepages

Creating a Contact Information or Other Custom Widget for your Homepage

Adding Widgets to Your Homepage

Adding the Library Widget(s) to your D2L Homepage

Customizing Tool Titles for your Navbar

Changing Images in the My Courses Widget

Adding a Banner Image to your Course Homepage

Changing the Banner Image on your Course Homepage

Managing Course Options

Using the Select a course… Drop-down Menu and the My Courses Widget

Setting your D2L Email to Forward to an External Email

Setting Email and Mobile Notifications

Adding a Profile Picture

Conditional Release – Setting up Release Conditions

What Release Conditions Are Available in D2L?

Multi-Instructor Nursing Courses: Groups and Conditional Release

Offsetting Dates in a D2L Course

Changing Time Zones in D2L

Viewing a D2L Course as a Student

For Students

Logging into D2L Setting Email Fo

Setting D2L Email to Forward to an External Email

Setting Email Notifications

Adding a Profile Picture

Changing Time Zones in D2L