The Grades tool allows you to enter grades for students, or link from other assessment tools in D2L (like Assignments and Quizzes) so that those grades automatically go from those tools into the Grades tool.  You can add Bonus grade items, drop grade items, exempt students from grade items, etc.  The Grades tool will automatically calculate your final grade for you, and you can export your Gradebook as an EXCEL spreadsheet to save to your computer.  Students can see their grades as you add them, but do not see the Final Grade until you release it to them. Tutorials for students related to the Grades tool specifically are at the bottom of this page (and also on the D2L for Students page).

Here are some tutorials to get you started.


Creating a Grade Category (and what that means)

Overview of Weighting Options in the Grades Tool

Set Manual Weights for Grade Items in a Category

Dropping the Lowest Grade in a Category

Creating a Grade Item

Creating a Bonus Grade Item

Allowing a Grade Item to Exceed its Points Value

Creating a Mid-Point Grade Item

Creating a Final Grade Snapshot Grade Item


Keeping Final Grade Updated

Deleting Grade Items

Previewing a Student’s Gradebook

Changing a Student’s Gradebook View in Settings


Releasing Final (Adjusted) Grades

Exporting Final Adjusted Letter Grades from D2L to myCamosun

Final Grades Export to myCamosun Checklist

Final Grades Transfer and Release – D2L Checklist

Entering Grades Manually

Customizing the Enter Grades Table (so you only see the grade items you want to)

Exempting Students from Grade Items (to spread their grade amongst remaining grade items)

Exempting Students from an Item within a Category (to control where that grade goes)

Saving your Gradebook

Attaching Feedback to a Grade Item

For Students

Checking your Grades in D2L